Muladhara Activation & Attunement to the Ruby Ray Workshop

A 4-hour workshop to learn about and experience an activation and attunement to the Ruby Ray. The healing experience weaves together meditation, hypnosis, energy healing, and creative visualization...


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Register for one workshop, and attend both!

May 23, 2020 4 pm. - 8 pm. EST.

January 9, 2021 4 pm. - 8 pm. EST.

When you purchase this online workshop it includes:

In the words of our community...

‘I’ve felt lighter, connected to something that goes beyond me, I no longer feel annoyed about the things that are going in the world right now. I feel more focused on my own spiritual growth, seeing things deeper and clearer. I still find hard to visualize things in my mind, but I can totally feel the energy washing out my body and soul.’ Moises

‘The masterclass this week was incredibly helpful for me. The past month has been a bit of a struggle for me and I was beginning to feel like I had lost connection to everything, including my higher self. This class could not have come at a more appropriate time for me; it provided me with all of the reminders that I needed. Lately I’ve had a struggle differentiating between my ego and my intuition and this class was perfect for that. Thank you.’ Nicholas

'I really enjoyed setting up my sacred space for this journey. That was definitely the highlight of my week. I cleaned my entire space, then set up my altar as well as a really beautiful space to do the healing work. During the week I felt a stirring in my soul underneath the surface of my being. It is awakening from its slumber never to be silenced again. It has been patiently awaiting for this exact moment to reveal itself to me. It is time for me to listen more deeply.' Jennifer

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