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Included in your monthly Indigo Meditation Membership:

'This is brilliant. My friend comes over every week and we often work with this album. We both like this album. Thank you.' Debra

‘Amazing. This is the best chakra information and especially the meditation that I have found…. Thank you for sharing this gift. I feel truly blessed to have found you.’ Naomi

'‘This was very hypnotic process and I felt alot of energy emanating from the sacral chakra including visualizations and alot of suppressed memories and feelings. It was a very healing experience for me.’ Shane

'I listen to this most every night. When I say it puts me to sleep, that's a good thing. When I do stay awake though the whole CD, I am relaxed and ready for sleep when it's over. A must have.' Helene

'This is a great guided meditation. The voice is very soothing and immediately relaxes me. It is short enough that I can find time to do it daily and I really feel better after. I highly recommend it!' Herbie

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